BLCCS|tech is an adaptive, small business dedicated to providing deep subject

matter expertise at a global level to support both Corporate and Government organizations. We

pride ourselves in being devoted, skilled, and agile in an ever changing industry. Our company offers many core services:


Microsoft 365 Implementation and Support

Our goal is to help organizations excel by harnessing the power of an IT enterprise to drive business value up while increasing and maximizing productivity.




Cloud Migration


Ensuring data availability is critical to any business or organization.


Ensuring data availability is critical to any business or organization. BLCCS Tech can move your company to the future of cloud-based operations enabling secure and continuous access to company data from anywhere in the world.


Enterprise Application Integration Services


We provide an effective planning process for integrating applications such as software upgrades, security appliances, system upgrades, and anything else businesses require. We also emplace the tools and personnel to support everyday processes ensuring continuous operations.


Our goal is to achieve positive results and seamless integrations.



Enterprise Architecture Services

Orchestrating people, processes, and infrastructures designs to improve the performance of an enterprise's architecture functions. We work from the ground up by starting with a good foundation and then branching out to specific needs.


Enterprise Content Management Services

Capturing and making pertinent data more accessible across an enterprise improves performance and productivity, therefore reducing cost and risk to companies. We offer the capabilities to harness this information and implement it to meet a campany's needs.

Information Security Services


Our IS engineers work to bring any company's security posture to enterprise and industry standards. This improves risk management, productivity, data integrity, and compliance.  


We not only offer solutions but the professional personnel with a proven track record to provide these capabilities to you.

No task too small or large - BLCCS tech can also help your company or business with VoIP integration or conversions, Office space design and refresh, and Computer hardware lifecycle, refresh, or Upgrade